Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Trendy Xtrema FridgeX Food Storage Line

Xtrema FridgeX Food Storage Line and an Easy Meatloaf Recipe
I recently received a trendy food storage set that can be used for both cooking and storage. It is also relatively light-weight and collapsible for easy storage. It is the 16-piece FridgeX Silicone Collapsible Food Storage Set from Xtrema. The photo below shows half of the containers that are fully opened and the other half that are collapsed for easy storage. 
Let me share the product description and then my personal experience with the products. I'll even share a recipe that I made using one of these containers!

Here are the features of the products:
  • Use Hot & Cold: Healthy & SAFE-- FridgeX can be used for both cold meals and baking hot meals. Oven up to 430° F & Microwave safe.
  • Shock-proof: Go from the freezer right to the oven and vice versa … it will always retain its shape.
  • Non-stick & Stain-resistant: Foods don’t stick and they don’t leave behind discoloration or odors.
  • Easy Storage: The pieces collapse down and then nest together for convenient, space-saving storage.
  • Durable: Although lightweight, FridgeX is extremely durable. It will not leach chip, break, or stain.
In my experience, these are trendy because of the great features that they offer. They can be used hot or cold. They can even be used in the freezer! I like that they are durable and easy to clean. They are also easy to store. These are great for trendy moms that have young children since the containers won't shatter if they drop one. My son is a preschooler and he likes to help me to prepare dinner.  I was never able to allow him to help carry containers of food from the refrigerator to the table because our old set was made from glass.  The new Xtrema FridgeX products are great because I am able to let him carry them to the table.